Francophile Anglophile

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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I am not sure if it is possible to be both a Francophile and an Anglophile, but if it is, I am one. I adore the brilliant Jane Austen. I am probably the last Janeite on earth to take this quiz, but I finally did. It was fun.

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Parisian Chic

Look what came in the mail today! I can’t wait to start reading and learning from this incredibly chic lady!

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Ballet flats

I loved this post at Paris Breakfasts:

I was thrilled to see the ballet flats! Being very tall (almost 5′ 11″), I LOVE flat shoes or kitten heels. I would probably break both my ankles if I attempted to wear stilettos. I admire tall women who wear high heels, but since I always avoided them when I was younger, I never learned to walk in them properly. Besides, if Audrey Hepburn loved flats, they must be chic!

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Chic Sightings

I often lament the casualness of today’s society. Not that we should be stuffy and pretentious, of course! But I tire easily of the “let it all hang out” mentality, whether it’s regarding manner of dress or manner of speaking (I can’t tell you how many people I have met who divulge their life story immediately upon introduction). To make matters worse, I live in south Florida, which is very casual, especially with clothing. Being close to the beach, it’s not uncommon to see people running errands still in their swim suits and flip flops with sand in their hair.

I was in the grocery store the other day and a woman passed me with her daughter sitting in the shopping cart. I was immediately struck by the mother’s appearance, being so different from every other woman in the store. She was medium height, trim, but not too thin. She was wearing jeans, with a little tailored jacket. The jacket was mostly white with a slight hint of very pale green and pink flowers. Peeking beneath the jacket was a slightly brighter shade of green top. It was colorful, without being too much. She was wearing little kitten heels. Her hair was styled, but still soft, and it fell onto her shoulders in soft waves. She had excellent posture and walked very gracefully. Her daughter, who looked to be about 4 years of age, was equally well dressed. She was in a pretty little pink sundress with white sandals.

Too often women don’t take care in their appearance when running errands, and mothers can be the worst offenders (I’m a mom, and I have certainly been guilty of donning the “mom” look when going out). This woman’s appearance was so rare, she was so striking, that I actually stopped my cart and stared at her. And then I realized something: the way this woman was dressed was the norm in Paris, at least from what I observed. I saw women running in and out of the different stores, including a grocery store near our hotel, and they were almost all well dressed. Not that all the women were wearing haute couture to pick up their pain au chocolat, but they were at least dressed in a similar way to the lovely woman in my local grocery store.

I’ve made efforts recently to really improve my appearance even when I’m going about my mundane tasks, however, I haven’t been as consistent as I would like to be. This woman inspired me! I’m making a vow to myself to never leave the house in my workout clothes or mom jeans again. In fact, I think I will throw away the mom jeans!

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Introduction to Paris

I have been away from the computer for quite a while. My mother became ill unexpectedly right after the new year. Fortunately, she is doing well now. Then, my husband and I then left for Germany. He had to go there for work, but we were able to take a side trip to Paris. It was only 48 hours (how I wish it had been longer!), but it was wonderful. Paris was what I had expected: beautiful, stimulating, artistic, delicious!

I see now why the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is called the most beautiful avenue in the world. It was even more impressive in person than in photos. Walking down that street was a surreal experience. I felt like I was watching a movie. For the most part, women were very chic. I felt decidedly un-chic since I was wearing several layers of clothes, including a bulky ski jacket (one damper was the weather. Being from south Florida, I am cold if it’s below 80 degrees F. Parisian women seem to be immune to damp cold: most were still dressed in skirts, light tights, small sweaters and little boots/heels).

The culture there is unparalleled. The Musée du Louvre is magnificent. We did not see all of it since we were short on time, but what we saw was beautiful. We also had music on the Metro. It seems that a lot of street musicians play for change in between stops.

The food was so wonderful. I had my birthday dinner there (I turned 39 right before we left and I told my husband I didn’t want to go out on my actual birthday…I wanted to have my birthday dinner in Paris). The cheese course after dinner is the best invention ever. We had croissants and cafe creme for breakfast and macaroons in the afternoon.

We saw the Eiffel Tower at night, lit up and beautiful. Incredibly romantic.

It was a lovely whirlwind!

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Bonne Annee

Wishing everyone a happy, beautiful and chic new year!

(note: I have no idea how to place the accent over the first “e” in Annee!).


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Lovely weekend

The hard drive on our computer decided to crash Friday night, so I was without internet access for a couple of days.  Fortunately, it was resurrected by my husband last night.  When these things happen, I’m reminded how dependent we are on technology.  The benefit to being disconnected from the internet, is it allows us to be re-connected to other things and, more importantly, to other people.  My husband and I spent more time in the last couple of days talking and enjoying each other’s company.  This time also allowed me to focus on some chic habits like going for a long walk on the beach, taking a leisurely hot bath, giving myself a manicure and pedicure and reading (it is very chic to cultivate the mind through reading good books).  I felt refreshed at the end of the weekend.  I hope your weekend was just as lovely!

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