I have much to be thankful for. A few months ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery was followed by radiation and now, chemotherapy. She is only 65 years old and we are hopeful she still has a long life ahead of her. Also in August, my 85 year-old father (that’s not a typo…there is a 20 year age difference between my parents) fell and ended up in the hospital and having back surgery. He is still undergoing physical therapy.

I am so thankful to still have both of my parents. They are wonderful people who have always supported me in whatever I wanted to do in life.

Thanksgiving is a holiday which reminds us to count our blessings. I would like to do this every day, not just one day; it is a great practice to contemplate just how fortunate I am on a regular basis. I remember as a little girl, my mother would tell me to count my blessings when I felt sad and it always did make me feel better. To live our lives with gratitude brings joy to ourselves and to others.

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