Stunning Chic Sighting

I just returned from the grocery store. When I arrived, as I was walking in from the parking lot, I crossed paths with a truly chic woman. She was coming out of the store with her cart. I am guessing that she was in her early 50’s. She was dressed in a lovely blue shirt dress that looked like it was cotton but made to resemble denim. It was a short sleeved dress that went to the knee with a belt that accentuated her small waist. Her medium blonde hair was in a bob, with long bangs to the side. She had chic Jackie-O style glasses on with subtle red lipstick. She had small wedge pumps on in a beige color. She walked slowly and deliberately, with wonderful posture. She exuded confidence. When she saw me staring at her (it was rude of me, I know…I need to be more subtle when I observe chic women!), she smiled warmly.

I don’t know if she is French, but she was a perfect example of French Chic. I am renewing my efforts to take care in my appearance all of time, even when running errands!

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4 Responses to Stunning Chic Sighting

  1. Fiona says:

    Have you noticed that chic sightings like these – and thank you so much for your wonderful description – are women of a certain age? I do too. There aren’t many chic sightings of younger women or even ones my age (40). I am certainly happy to get older with these ladies to look to.

    I love that your description included her slow, deliberate walk too.

  2. Juliana says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed. It is certainly inspiring! I will be 40 in just over 5 months and it’s nice to know that I can be chic as I get older.

    This woman moved beautifully. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her!

    Thank you for your comment, Fiona!

  3. annemarie says:

    I saw a lady in the grocery store who was impeccable! She had a very stylish blouse, very nice pants, small heels, great necklace, makeup & hair that was modern and classic, pedicure and very well groomed. I thought she was in her early 60’s. I couldn’t help go to her and tell her how great she looked. I didn’t know what to expect! She lit up and very humbly said thank you. She preceeded to tell me she was in her late 80″s!!!!! Her husband passed away a few years before (he was a Dr.) she then told me a secret – the pants she had on were from a suit of her husbands – she altered the waist and donated the jacket. She said she doesn’t have the income she is accustomed to, but still wants to look nice! I wish I had a camera – very inspiring! In contrast all the other ladies in the store close to her age looked more like a slightly female version of their husbands (clothing, shoes & hair) – from the back you cant tell which is the man (one of my pet peeves!:( I aspire to be that chic lady when I grow up!

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