French Revolution

I would like to call your attention to this wonderful site, French Revolution Food

This young woman has put together a wonderful site about food and eating the French way. Here is some information from her “About” page:

My name is Kerry, and I was born some time ago in New York City, to a mother with a French accent and a father with one from Brooklyn. Growing up in Manhattan, I couldn’t have had a better food education. With my father, I would tour the restaurants, from the corner pizza place to 21. And at my mom’s kitchen table, I would stuff myself on French comfort food, from her famous slow-roast duck with fresh hand-cut French fries to her stinky cheese tartines. I was an eater, and when I burned my first steak in an apartment broiler fire at around age 5, I became a cooker too.

Her site also includes videos to go along with her recipes. She will inspire you to make something delicious tonight!

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2 Responses to French Revolution

  1. Kerry says:

    Thank you, Juliana, for recommending French Rev. I am thrilled to discover your site!

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