Ballet flats

I loved this post at Paris Breakfasts:

I was thrilled to see the ballet flats! Being very tall (almost 5′ 11″), I LOVE flat shoes or kitten heels. I would probably break both my ankles if I attempted to wear stilettos. I admire tall women who wear high heels, but since I always avoided them when I was younger, I never learned to walk in them properly. Besides, if Audrey Hepburn loved flats, they must be chic!

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8 Responses to Ballet flats

  1. LuxeBytes says:

    I wear almost nothing but ballerines!

  2. Juliana says:

    Wonderful! I just visited your blog and I love it. I will add it to my links. I saw your latest post on Inés de la Fressange. I notice she wears a lot of ballerines, as well!

  3. adrienne says:

    I am tall too – 6’2″ and used to always wear flats. And although I still do from time to time, I wear heels more frequently. I shoot for a 2″ – 2 1/2″ heel but I’ll do a 3″ if I really love the shoes. Like you, I am not so great at wearing heels – it takes some getting used to.

    Glad to have found your lovely blog!


    • Juliana says:

      Thank you, Adrienne! I’m so impressed that you are wearing heels at 6’2″. Perhaps I will practice wearing some around the house to see if I can improve without embarrassing myself in the process. 🙂

  4. Englishvers says:

    Whilst I adore the height of sensuous high heels, I must confess that I’m quite on love with ballerinas – they appeal to the professional ballerina in me. So effortlessly stylish, too. Enjoy the Sunday.

  5. i’m only 5’6 and i rarely wear heels. the highest heel in my closet is 2″ i think that qualifies as a kitten heel. besides i love saying kitten heels. thank you for your sweet, supportive comment today. your blog is lovely.


  6. Juliana says:

    Thank you, Janet!

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